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Great Move: DeSantis Suspends Woke Prosecutor

BUCK: Down in Florida some good news. I just had talked to you about the Breonna Taylor case before. There are a lot of moving pieces there so I know I had to go and add some additional details. Interesting enough, the only officer who was charged in that case who was acquitted, he didn’t actually hit Breonna Taylor. And the individual who shot at the officers was charged, but he’s charged with trying to kill one of the police officers, he was not… He was found not guilty.

And Breonna Taylor’s family got $12 million from the city of Louisville. And there was a ban on no-knock raids enacted as a result of it. And the officers were either resigned or were fired who were involved in it. One of them faced criminal charges. And now there’s federal charges against all four, is the final way this case is going down. So, who controls the levers of justice is a very important thing.

Who’s making decisions about the prosecution, about resources from the justice system? Look, there’s no other… The IRS has the power to really harass you and maybe ruin your life, but usually it doesn’t go that far, as much as the Democrats want to make more IRS officers, more IRS agents able to audit you. But the DOJ can destroy you if it wants to. It will bankrupt you. It will ruin your reputation, if you have the wrong people in charge there.

It’s also true of state prosecutors. I’ve not forgotten at all (and some of you who live… We’ve got a great audience up in Milwaukee in the Wisconsin; well, Wisconsin in general, Milwaukee area) the efforts to go after Scott Walker using what they called the John Doe laws in that state pushed by the most dishonest and disgraceful left-wing prosecutors out of Milwaukee, by the way.

They would do everything in their power to try to destroy Scott Walker politically, including ruining employees of the state of Wisconsin for the most minor infraction if they thought they were somehow coordinating their messaging with the Walker campaign. It was crazy stuff, the John Doe investigation. Go back and remember that. It’s worth actually reading it just to see.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. And when you have progressive prosecutors who are engaged in politics instead of law enforcement, you can take steps against them. And that’s why I was so happy to see Governor Ron DeSantis, who I feel like just keeps showing Republican governors the way. Now, there are others who are doing a lot of follow-on to what DeSantis does, which is great. We had Kevin Stitt on recently from Oklahoma. He’s doing a great job. There are governors out there who are saying, I see what’s going on in Florida, and I want to take similar action. But DeSantis just yesterday suspended Soros-backed state attorney Andrew Warren. Here is the announcement of that.

BUCK: Suspended him, and I hope… I don’t know what the regulations are, the rules on the books are in the state of Florida for this specifically, but I hope they’re able to terminate him. He has made it very clear, first of all, he was — and I saw this last night on Tucker’s show on Fox. Andrew Warren was one of these people who was bragging, effectively, about arresting priests for having a service or a deacon.

I forget what his specific religious affiliation was, but arresting somebody for having church services. And he was saying, “Yeah, that’s right! That’s how we keep you safe.” So, he’s a progressive. He’s a lib. And these people are crazy. They just don’t live in reality. And they will hurt you with the power they have if they can and if they desire to do so. So, you got take action here. I mean, Alvin Bragg, who is the district attorney in New York right now, he’s under a lot of pressure because the numbers are just irrefutable at this point.

I spent a lot of time talking about it yesterday. You’ve got people committing over a hundred crimes and never serving any real time. A hundred arrests? I mean, if you’re a cop and you arrest somebody for the hundredth time, you gotta think, what’s the point of this, exactly? They’re not actually paying a price. We were led to believe by this progressive prosecutor movement, by the end mass incarceration BLM activists that there’s so many people who are in prison who are either entirely innocent or didn’t do anything, really.

Very minor, stole a bag of potato chips and now they’re serving 10 years. It’s awful. It’s not true. It’s just not true. And that change is finally, I think, settling into people’s minds. I think they’re starting to see more and more now the direct cause and effect here of you have a progressive prosecutor, you have somebody who’s an ideologue as a prosecutor, and they undermine the law, actually. It’s worse than it is not being good at their jobs.

They hurt the law that they are supposed to be protecting. And it’s exactly what was going on in Florida in the Tampa area. And it’s happening in many places. So, any Republican governors who can should take action here. Lee Zeldin running against Hochul in New York State. I just… Any New Yorker at this point, what are you doing voting for Hochul, honestly? Such a disaster. Wrong on everything. And just so really… To say “unimpressive” is very kind.

Why is anyone gonna vote for this lady? Why don’t people just vote Democrat who vote Democrat. Lee Zeldin says he’s fire Alvin Bragg, as governor he’ll fire the district attorney of New York first day on the job. Are all the other Republican governors paying attention? ‘Cause I know in some of the cities, even Houston, progressive prosecutor, how many folks…?

Well, actually Houston residents certainly know that, but people in the rest of the country, think about that. The state of Texas, you wouldn’t expect it — progressive — I’m sure the prosecutor in either Dallas or Austin or both is probably progressive as well. Maybe even Soros funded. It’s hard to keep up because there’s so many of them.

Take action to get rid of, where possible and lawful, these prosecutors who are left-wing activists wielding the law for the benefit of the Democrat Party and for, honestly, the socialist and commie mind-set in this country. Do what you can. Use the power that you have while you have it because there are quite literally lives at stake. You look at the homicide numbers, you look at the shootings, the assaults, the rapes, the robberies, if people aren’t going to use their power to protect the innocent, they should not be prosecutors.

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