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BHS - 8A - 'How To Money' with Joel Larsgaard and Musings with Mo Kelly

BHS - 7A - The House Gets the Deal Done and 'Medical News' with Dr. Jim Keany

The House has approved a bipartisan deal to suspend the debt limit; Handel unpacks the details of the deal and examines where the $136B in cuts will come from. Then, Dr. Jim Keany, Co-Director of the ER at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, joins the show for some Medical News! Artificial intelligence has discovered a new antibiotic that may defeat a dangerous superbug, implants fixed a man's inability to walk and a Mission Viejo nurse was seriously injured while vacationing in Costa Rica, and Jim's team is trying to raise money to bring her back home.

Handel on the News

Jason Middleton sits in for Jennifer Jones Lee and accompanies Wayne Resnick in joining Bill for Handel on the News! The House has passed the debt limit deal as lawmakers race to avert a default. Actor Danny Masterson has been found guilty on 2 counts of rape in his retrial in Los Angeles. And Armie Hammer will not face charges of alleged sexual assault, according to the La County DA's office.

BHS - 8A - LA Mayor Karen Bass Has Plans Stalled and Handel & The House Whisperer

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass had her "Inside Safe" plan stalled as many homeless refuse her housing and rule changes. Then, Handel highlights how American cities are beginning to thrive again due to people working remotely and spending more time locally. And Dean Sharp returns for a fresh edition of Handel & The House Whisperer! Dean is a beekeeper on his free time and shares with Bill some interesting facts about bees and ways they benefit both your yard and the ecosystem.

BHS - 7A - The Increasing Cost of Your Morning Commute and Condoning Drug Use in LA

Los Angeles County is looking into a plan that could increase the price of your morning commute. Speaking of LA County, clean needles, sanitary wipes, fentanyl test strips, Narcan and even drug pipes are being given out to users in effort to curb overdoses the spread of disease. Tenants tend to be on the losing end in eviction court as landlords often have lawyers. And a deputy is being accused of being in an "Executioners" gang has revealed a tattoo in court and has begun naming names.

Handel on the News

JEnnifer Jones Lee and Wayne Resnick accompany Bill for Handel on the News. The debt limit deal has cleared a key hurdle ahead of the final House vote. Arrests have been made in the videotaped beating of 3 Marines at the Pier in San Clemente. And U.S. Census data has revealed the largest racial group in Los Angeles County.

BHS - 8A - 'Tech Tuesday' with Rich DeMuro and Saving the Vanishing Beaches of California

KFI's Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro returns for 'Tech Tuesday'! Some airline companies are removing the machines that print out your boarding passes and luggage tags and will begin charging you to print them out. And Apple's next big event is coming up next Monday, June 5th, and we're expecting a new piece of equipment! Then, 70% of California's coastline could be wiped out by 2100, and Orange County planners and leaders are brainstorming ideas to save it. And people have begun renting out their pools similarly to how people rent out their homes on AirBnB...good idea or bad?

BHS - 7A - Evaluating the Debt Ceiling Deal and January 6th Rioters Receiving Donations

Handel examines what's inside of President Biden and Speaker McCarthy's debt-ceiling bill and those who oppose it. Then, police departments across the country are struggling to fill their ranks, and the sttaffing emergency threatens public safety. January 6th rioters, or "political prisoners" are receiving thousands in donations, and now the government is coming after some of it. And speaking of the U.S. government, immigrants continue to be told to come in "the right way," and while they're listening, there are still steps that need to be taken to expand access to asylum seekers at official border crossings.

Handel on the News

Wayne Resnick returns and joins Jennifer Jones Lee in accompanying Bill for Handel on the News! The U.S. debt ceiling battle now shifts to Congress as lawmakers prepare for the first round of voting; Republicans have spoken out against the deal. And a man has been arrested in connection with over 20 car fires in Tujunga.

BHS - 8A - Tipping Has Gotten Out of Control and Brittney Griner Now Stands for the National Anthem

Let's face it - tipping has gotten out of control. Handel talks about all the ways leaving a gratuity for someone has gotten to the point where we're feeling taken advantage of. Then, Brittney Griner played in her first WNBA game since having returned from imprisonment in Russia. But there's something particular about Brittney that's different about her now than before her time spent in captivity.