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BHS - 8A – A New Era of Defiance | Dog Euthanasia Changes

BHS - 7A – California’s Mental Health Court | SoCal to Vegas in Two Hours

California’s new mental health court sees over 100 petitions in 2 months. California threw a $50MIL lifeline to a bankrupt hospital. It’s scrambling to reopen. L.A Rodeo ban vote leads to cultural backlash, some exceptions. SoCal to Vegas in two hours? High-speed rail comes closer to reality with $3BIL reward.

Handel on the News

Amy King joins Bill for Handel on the News. Biden tells donors he’s ‘not sure I’d be running’ in 2024 if Trump wasn’t in the race. Republicans storm out of briefing as Congress battles over Israel and Ukraine aid package. Human trafficking, child exploitation operation leads to 19 arrests. Hackers access profiles of nearly 7 million 23andMe customers. Home sales are expected to soar next year in these California cities. US announces visa bans after warning Israel over West Bank Violence. Southern California to Las Vegas bullet train receives $3BIL grant from Biden administration.

BHS - 8A –'Tech Tuesday' with Rich DeMuro | Preschools Struggle with California Law

KFI's own Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro joins The Bill Handel Show for 'Tech Tuesday'! Rich talks about why it is probably a good idea to lock your phone before handing it to a stranger, the top 3 Amazon scams to be aware of this holiday season, Microsoft’s NEW seeing AI app on android for the first time, and Jimmy Stewart is reading a new bedtime story thanks to AI. Preschools struggle with California law that limits expelling children. Inside the Tiki Theater, the last porn theatre in Los Angeles.

BHS - 7A – LA City Employees Don’t Live in Los Angeles | Palestinian Minors in Israeli Prisons

64% of LA city employees don’t live in Los Angeles equating to about $3.6BIL in pay exiting the city. Speaker Johnson wrote forward to book filled with conspiracy theories and homophobic insults. Scores of Palestinian minors sit in Israeli prisons.

Handel on the News

Amy King joins Bill for Handel on the News. Man suspected of killing 4 in Los Angeles charged with murder. Real estate news: UCLA team wins contest for redevelopment plan of Tustin’s south hangar. GOP debate stage shrinks to four candidates. Shark attack: American woman killed in shark attack while paddleboarding in the Bahamas near Sandals Resort. Fixing deadly stretch of PCH is goal of new Malibu traffic-light synchronization project. Las Vegas teen found with explosive materials after threatening ‘lone wolf’ terror attack, authorities say. ChatGPT says that asking it to repeat words forever is a violation of its terms.

BHS - 8A – Opioid Crisis: Sackler Family Immunity | Inflation is Your Fault

US Supreme Court scrutinize controversial opioid crisis settlement that would give Sackler Family immunity. Inflation is your fault. The SoCal ‘Blue Zone’ suburb hailed for its 5 keys to a long, healthy life.

BHS - 7A – Serial Killer Suspect Arrested | Attention to Antisemetic Fliers

KFI Investigative Reporter Steve Gregory joins the show to discuss the suspected that has been arrested in connection to the murders of three homeless men and suspected of the fatal shooting during a home invasion in San Dimas. Caltrans identifies 15 potentially dangerous properties below the 10 freeway. Blumfield and Raman call attention to antisemitic fliers.

Handel on the News

Amy King joins Bill for Handel on the News. Israel-Hamas War: Israeli forces pushing into Southern Gaza. Outcome of Hollywood actors’ contract vote could be close amid criticism over parts of deal. Authorities apprehend suspect in Los Angeles homeless murders; suspect linked to other homicides. Palestinian American student shot in Vermont paralyzed from the chest down. Dems ready to nominate ex-Rep. Tom Suozzi to take back expelled Santos’ seat. The Pentagon says a US Navy warship and multiple commercial ships have come under attack in the Red Sea.

(12/02) HOTL Hour 1

Handel on the Law, Marginal Legal Advice.